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UML-based Testing Environment for OLPC

I’ve spent some time writing a utility that runs a set of Sugar virtual machines under UML. The idea being to facilitate debugging of Sugar itself and Activities that involve a lot of use of the network.

I imagine this sort of work would get very tedious very quickly because otherwise one would have to use several machines to test this stuff effectively (plus all the sneakernet use that would entail).

I must admit I was inspired by Michael Richardson’s test suite for Openswan, which does something similar. It runs a set of UML instances in a specific network topology so that they can effectively test the entire IPsec stack, all without leaving the machine.

As described in the documentation, the disk image only has a few small modifications. It would be awesome if we could see some love between this and pilgrim.

I apologise for any ugliness in the script, but it’s not like I could have written a shiny MVC framework for this (that and I’m down and dirty with UNIX and UML in all its buggy glory, heh).


Grab it here!

Run the following to read the documentation:

./ --help

Happy Hacking!