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One Laptop Per Child UML Script Updated to 0.2

Hey folks,

I’ve updated the script to 0.2. This fixes compatibility with recent jhbuild trees (the other one would have failed with a dbus configuration error).

The disk image for this version is based on build 155. As of an hour ago, that’s already out of date. However, J5 says he’ll look at integrating the hooks after they’ve shipped btest1.

Just download it and follow the same instructions as before.

NB: if you tried out 0.1, you’ll need to remove all the COW files in the instance/ directory tree (or you can remove the entire umltestenv/ directory if you want clean start for certain).

Download Here


  • updated to J5’s disk image build 155.
  • fixed lots of stupid and weird typos in the documentation. Sorry, I was really tired.